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Healthy Environments Inspection  Repair Services, Inc. (HEIRS, Inc.)  is a full service Environmental Services company.  Founder, Thomas J. Arabia has been involved the Environmental Industry for over thirty - five  years.  During his 35 plus years of service, Mr. Arabia has worked in all phases of the Environmental Services industry.  His experience ranges from Residential Environmental Services to Commercial or Industrial Environmental Services. 

The Residential Environmental Services include services such as:  Mold & Mildew Remediation Services, Heating Oil Storage Tank Removal and Replacement Services, Demolition and Disposal Services, Asbestos Abatement Services.

The Commercial or Industrial Environmental Services include such services as:
Health and Safety Instructional Services, Emergency Response Services, Transportation and Disposal Services (of both Non-Hazardous Wastes and Hazardous Wastes).  Emergency Spill Response both land and water based.  Crime scene and Biohazard clean-ups

HEIRS, Inc. was formed to combine this vast and diverse knowledge together with safe, cost effective and professional Environmental Services to the general public.  HEIRS, Inc. is dedicated to eliminating Environmental Hazards from each persons life utilizing “The Best Available Green Technology” to minimize daily hazardous exposures and ensure the highest quality of life to the residents of South Florida.  HEIRS, Inc. is also dedicated to the preservation of our our sensitive and slowly deteriorating environment.  We need to "Recycle today - to save money and the environment tomorrow"

Some examples of these green, environmentally friendly green technologies would be:

*  The sales and distribution of Citrus Clean, a non-toxic and environmentally friendly all purpose
   cleaning solution. HEIRS, Inc. is the South Florida authorized distributor. 

*  Our mold remediation and cleaning services are completed utilizing non-toxic, environmentally
   friendly cleaning solutions and low pressure steam and vacuum combination.

*  Collection and Recycling/Reconditioning of spent/used antifreeze/coolants for resale back to the
   automotive repair industry and the general public.  The product is called Recycool  Antifreeze.
   It is ASTM specification antifreeze after HEIRS, Inc. green and environmentally friendly 
   recycling/reconditioning process and can be purchased for generally half the cost of new antifreeze.

A complete description, photos and testimonials on each of the above and all the green and environmentally friendly services that HEIRS, Inc can provide can be visited by visiting and following the orange buttoned links.

We at HEIRS, Inc. look forward to servicing your health/safety and environmental concerns and sharing our green state of mind with you.